company values

Safety, sustainability and ethical production. To minimise environmental impact, harvesting is carried out exclusively by zero-emission electric machinery and our refrigeration units are all powered by photovoltaic panels. In fact, the excellence of our management system, our operating methods and our staff ensure that our products not only taste great but also have a high level of food safety, as attested by several voluntary certifications earned by our company.

Quality Scheme For Safe Food

The QS certification mark is a guarantee of the certified quality of fresh food products, from farm to delivery.

Tesco Nurture Pass

This is a special certification developed by the British supermarket chain Tesco and then implemented in several countries worldwide to ensure that the products sold are ethically and safely produced.


Tens of thousands of companies use Sedex to manage their performance in the areas of workers’ rights, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

LEAF – Linking Environment And Farming

LEAF Marque is an environmental guarantee system that identifies sustainably grown products. When a product is marked with the LEAF Marque logo, you can be sure that it comes from a company that practices sustainable agriculture and conforms to our standards.

IFS International Food Standard

We conform to the highest standards for sorting and packaging fresh vegetables and herbs in plastic and wooden packages.
The IFS standard is drawn up by German and French retailers
in collaboration with international experts to monitor what happens between production and distribution.

INPS – Rete Del Lavoro Agricolo Di Qualità

We are part of the network set up at INPS to identify virtuous agricultural enterprises in terms of ethical and law-abiding work organisation, social legislation, income tax and value-added tax.

Global GAP Plus – Good Agricultural Practice

The Global GAP – Fruit and Vegetables standard defines good agricultural practices for the development of best practices in fruit and vegetable production.

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