An ancient passion,
a cutting-edge method


since 1989, we’ve been
passionate about the earth

In addition to 80 hectares of open fields where we produce vegetables and herbs, since 2011, we have specialised in the cultivation and sale of all types of baby leaves on the market. In order to be able to offer the consumer only the excellence of our region, we have dedicated 54 hectares of greenhouses to the production of baby leaves and will add a further 10 hectares by next autumn.


the idea is to make our product available throughout Europe

In fact, the company is equipped with a modern air-conditioning facility with adjoining cold rooms and vacuum rooms to maintain the cold chain, as well as state-of-the-art technology that allows us to deliver a top-quality product in a short space of time.


our strengths

The dedication we put into our work and the shelf-life of our products. In order to achieve high quality and keep it constant over time, we only use our own production and train our highly qualified staff on an ongoing basis. The excellence of our product is, therefore, the result of a continuous search for the best seeds, monitoring of climatic conditions, a production cycle with state-of-the-art technology and control over all stages of the process: field, factory, packaging and transport.

Fratelli Cafaro
Via Della Piana 154 ,
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